HUNTSVILLE, Texas - A mother fed up with the bullying at her daughters elementary has taken to social media to plea for a change within the school.

Tracy Murphy is a mother of two whose children attend school in Huntsville ISD and says her oldest daughter has encountered serious bullying for quite some time

“10 years old, she has thought about killing herself at 10 years old," said Murphy.

From the outside Kaydence Alexander appears to be your everyday happy go lucky child who enjoys playing with her dolls, but she says on the inside she feels very hurt by the mean words she hears almost every day at school.

"It makes me sad and it makes me feel like I don’t want to be here anymore," said Alexander.

Tracey says after several failed attempts at trying to get school officials to intervene, she had no choice but to tell her daughter to defend herself.

"I don’t think it [violence] is a solution to bullying but I am afraid that I’m going to wake up one day and Kaydence is not going to be awake, and I can’t deal with that," said Murphy.

We did reach out to school officials with Huntsville ISD but they were unable to provide comment on the incident as it is still under investigation.

They did state that they would release a general statement in regards to bullying in the next few coming days.