It is the season of giving. And there may be no better gift than the gift of life - and that's exactly what one Caldwell, Idaho, mom is giving her 6-year-old son this holiday season.

Landyn Ozuna-Valdez may look like your typical 6-year-old. He enjoys gumballs, drawing, and, of course, sports.

"Basketball, baseball, and soccer ball," Landyn said.

However, nothing compares to his love for football. Unfortunately, Landyn will never be able to play full-contact football. He was born with posterior urethra valves - a blockage of his urethra.

"From that it caused a lot of pressure in his bladder and all the amniotic fluid back up into his kidneys," Landyn's mother, Tanis Ozuna, said.

For the past six years, Landyn has spent his days in and out of children's hospitals.

"Surgery on his bladder. He has a g-tube, which is a feeding tube in his stomach," Ozuna said.

It's an obstruction that took its toll on Landyn's kidneys.

"They've worked at 27 percent his whole life until the beginning of this year, when they started working at 15 percent, and so he's been in kidney failure for forever," Ozuna said.

It will all be getting better later this year. Landyn is expected to get a new kidney from his mom. It's a procedure this 6-year-old says is no big deal.

"I'm going to be asleep," Landyn said. "So you're not scared?" asked KTVB. "Nuh uh," Landyn added.

It's a surgery that will allow Landyn to finally be a normal 6-year-old.

"I definitely would do anything for him," Ozuna said.

Eventually, Landyn will have to get another kidney transplant when he gets older, but until then, he'll enjoy being healthy.

"What are you looking forward to the most?" asked KTVB. "Stronger," Landyn replied.

The Ozuna family has made Hulk T-shirts. Proceeds from the sales go to help the family with travel costs because the procedure will take place in Portland. Those interested in the T-shirts can find a link here.

Ozuna says Landyn is expected to get his new kidney within the next couple of months.