"It's very unfortunate considering the work that we do helping immigrants," said Sacramento attorney Gina Manciati.

Manciati is not happy about the comments President Trump denies making on Thursday.

"Really that's what akes this country great is all the diversity so hearing that is extremely unfortunate and having an administration that has been making it so much more difficult for us to be able to serve these vulnerable populations," said Manciati.

Manciati is also a managing attorney for Opening Doors, a non profit immigrant and refugee advocacy group in Sacramento.

Since 1998, they've offered free legal advice to immigrants from all over the world including the countries spoke of my President Trump, Haiti and El Salvador.

"Just the clients I have spoken to this morning that I have had the chance to speak with you know they can't believe that this is what's coming out of the White House," said Manciati.

While Manciati believes the President's comments add to immigrants fears of sharing their immigration history and living in the shadows, despite it all, the U.S. is still a place they want to come to.

"So were able to help those people either to come thru our refugee resettlement or for those people who are already here we're able to help them through our legal services to obtain status or work permits and be able to contribute back to society," he said.