At the California State Fair, there's everything a fair-goer would expect. There's funnel cake, a Ferris wheel and lots of animals.

But way in the back, there's something organizers call the "hidden jewel" that often goes missed: The Farm.

"It's three and a half acres that's a snapshot of all the agriculture that is grown here in California," Sabrina Rodriguez, the media director for the California State Fair, told ABC10. "It is beautiful, you definitely want to come check it out."

90 varieties of fruits and vegetables -- all of which are produced somewhere in California -- are grown on The Farm.

These include well-known California crops, such as rice and corn, as well as some more obscure ones like pineapple guavas and black peppers.

During the fair, kids who visit The Farm can get a "passport" to search for the fruits and vegetables. At the end, they will be given a bag of fruit.

The farm is open year-round and all of the food is donated to the Sacramento food bank.