On a hot summer day, splashing in the pool or even going to a water park sounds like the perfect idea.

But if you're an adult and don't have children, is it weird to go to a water park like Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville?

For people who went to high school in the Sacramento area, it's likely they went for a senior grad night or a field trip at one point. But ask around and most of those people haven't gone back since.

"As you get older you prefer going out on boats," said Ryan Ryder.

"I see it more for families and have never gone since I was 18 with friends," said Yessenia Chavarria.

"[I haven't been] since I was like 13," said William Thompson. "I'd feel weird going as an adult without kids."

ABC10's Frances Wang went to Sunsplash to see if she could find adults 25-and-up who were there without children.

Other than a pair of newlyweds celebrating a honeymoon, she was unsuccessful. Some say they would go if the park served alcohol or had more adult only nights.

General Manager Steve Rodgers said the park is family-owned and meant to be fun for everyone.

Rodgers added that an older crowd usually comes out for their 'Nite Slide' admissions, which starts from 5:30 p.m. to close.