Summer is here and so is June gloom, most of the greater Sacramento area is getting hit hard by wet weather. Dark clouds hovered over Davis and Vacaville like most of Northern California which which experienced downpour, hail, lightning and snow. The National Weather Service tweeted photos and videos showing off the freak summer storm.

Outside of In-n-Out, folks were sprinting to their cars to avoid the rain. Most of the locals were in T-shirts and sandals, not expecting the wet weather.

"We were just sitting in the sun a few hours ago watching football now we are soaking wet," Sandy Bergman said.

Some appreciated the free car wash. Balele Shoka said he and his son got off the grid for a few days and had no idea rain came to town.

"I haven't watched the news in days, we were camping it was nice, intermittent clouds but it was nice," Shoka said.

Downtown Davis was quite the scene as students studied for finals battling the summer storm without umbrellas.

Twenty minutes away, Vacaville was experiencing harsh conditions.

"It was stormy, bringing hail down for about 45 to an hour. If he kept going we would of had flooding," Vacaville local Ken Woods said.

By the time ABC 10 showed up the storm had passed, it was all sunshine and puddles. The storm is continuing in the Sierras throughout the evening but is done for the night in the valley. ABC 10's Harry Stockman said the storm shouldn't be back this week.