"Niner" the K-9 German Shepherd may be used to sniffing out bombs or catching bad guys, but he also has another function: grabbing the attention of kids learning about fighting off bullies.

"The dogs are a really nice touch. They really got my attention and made me listen a little bit more," said 5th grader Saketh Machiraju.

The 3 K-9's belong to the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department.

They are part of a unique program put on by deputies called "K-9's Against Bullies."

The 30 minute presentation is one of a kind in California.

Deputies came to Questa Elementary School in Mountain House today for a pair of assemblies to teach kids about how to "detect, combat and report" bullies.

"We want to bark up and speak up about bullying. So we use our dogs as an ice breaker, eye grabber, to gather that," said Santa Clara County Sheriffs Deputy Tyrone Monroe.

The deputies from San Jose were joined by San Joaquin County K-9 deputies as part of the lesson.

The Santa Clara County deputies have done 94 demonstrations now in 3 1/2 years.

They hope their program is spread to other K-9 agencies throughout California.

The San Joaquin County Sheriffs K-9 unit is considering forming their own program.