Several hundred people remembered Sgt. Michael Pershall Thursday evening at Bel Passi Baseball Fields in Modesto.

Pershall was off duty when he was killed while riding on his bicycle.

Friends came in wearing their orange and black in memory of Pershall who was the biggest Giants fan they knew.

"My dad and Mike they worked together," said Trenton Broullette. "We all know him."

Broullette is 8 years old and his father is in the police department.

"He was nice because when my dad got sworn in he took me there when I was at daycare," Broullette said.

Pershall was also a baseball coach. He trained Austin Schott when he was 12 years old.

"He was always so positive never a negative term out of his mouth," said Schott. "Such an awful thing happened to such a great person."

Pershall even inspired kids to one day be an officer.

"I wanna help people a lot," said 7-year-old Lewis Keenel. "I feel like it's something right to do."

For many of them it was hard to explain what exactly happened to their friend and role model. They just know he's gone.

"I wanna tell him thank you for being such a great coach and all the confidence he gave me he was being so supportive," said Schott. "I wish he was still here so I could talk to him one more time."