Some Land Park residents have hired private security for patrol to decrease crimes.

"We have seen significant crime in the neighborhood and while it's considered petty theft or property crimes to police, to the neighbors it's cars being broken into, people breaking into homes, helping themselves to backyard sheds," said Katy Grimes, a Land Park resident.

Emily Hannon started the idea of hiring extra security through a company called Paladin.

Grimes said neighbors who are part of the association are educated through two meetings a year.

"In our group, we have two meetings a year and at these meetings neighbors come over and we have the patrol guys from Paladin and their management as well as Sac PD," Grimes said.

Another neighbor who is part of the association, Cliff Faith, says he's seen a problem with people checking in cars at night and trying to get whatever they can out of it.

He says he calls Paladin instead of police knowing this isn't a major crime.

"They're so busy with a lot more important duties that we know we can get Paladin right away and it may take a fair amount of time for police to come out here," Faith said.

We reached out to Sacramento Police Department but we were told they'll have more information on a response later.

Grimes said the association for extra patrol costs about $20 per household every month.

"We've seen some positive results," Grimes said. "We've had neighbors call Paladin when they're having an issue. Someone was afraid someone was going to break into their house and contacted them and they were there within minutes."