Let kids be heard.

That's the message coming from a group of Sacramento high school students who have created a "youth-led survey" to help young people get involved with community issues.

On Wednesday night, a few dozen students -- who are part of an organization called the "Kids First Coalition" -- met at the Sol Collective in Sacramento to discuss the progress of the survey.

One of those students was 17-year-old Chee Cha – a senior at Grant Union High School.

“I kind of wish adults would talk with us. ‘Oh, we’re going to have this bill passed, or this going on,’” Cha told ABC10.

That belief is why she was drawn to help distribute the survey.

“This is your voice. This is the time to show your opinion,” she explained, “See what you want changed in your community, what would you like, what would you want your kids in the future to have.”

So far, roughly 1,000 young people -- predominantly from neighborhoods in south and north Sacramento -- have taken the survey, which includes questions about funding for after-school programs and issues around criminal justice.

One of the questions, for instance, asks, “How much need do you think there is for more programs to prevent and reduce youth violence and involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems?”

“We like to ask them what do you think you need more in your community?” Cha said, “And how they want the money to be distributed.”

The students plan to distribute the survey to more students in Sacramento and then hope to present their findings to the city.