His parents call him their little miracle child. Johnathan Hunt suffered a stroke at just 4-years-old. You might be asking how that is possible at such young age? That is the same question his parents were asking.

The good news is that Johnathan is up and running thanks to the doctors and nurses at UC Davis Children's Hospital. Mom and dad could not be happier.

"Very happy. He's our little Miracle child," said Johnathan's mother, Sara Hunt. "Because at the beginning you think is he ever going to walk again? Is he ever going to be able to be a normal little boy again? He has definitely proven that."

This was Johnathan suffered a stroke back in January while playing on the family's brand new trampoline.

"This can't be real," thought Sara. "It's supposed to happen to old men."

Mom can laugh now, but it was scary at the time. She says Johnathan jumped with his head titled to the side, and it caused a tearing of the carotid arteries that supply blood to the brain and face.

"I didn't know what to think," said Johnathan's father Joshua Hunt. "I was terrified. When it first happened he could talk. He could move a little bit, but by the time we got here he couldn't talk. He couldn't move. He was just lying there."

The family is thankful for the doctors and nurses at UC Davis Children's hospital who provided around the clock treatment.

Johnathan spent six weeks in the PICU. Mom and Dad actually work at the hospital, but they say they have a totally new appreciation for the life-saving work being done at the hospital.

"They're amazing," said Joshua. "I knew deep down working here that this was the best place in the area and being on the opposite side of it...now I truly believe that the people who work here are amazing."

The Cat in the Hat stopped by for a visit and Johnathan also got to meet local firefighters who brought him his own fire gear.

"They fixed him here, and we got him home," said Joshua. "He couldn't do anything. By the time we left here we have a picture of him walking out the front doors. I was carrying him in my arms, and he asked me to put him down. It was amazing...tears to the eyes for sure."

This adorable 4-year-old still needs a bit more therapy.

"I think the third day in the PICU he looked at his right hand. He looked back at us, and he was like my hand doesn't work?" said Sara. "But it's almost there. It's almost working."