Eight-year-old Brooklyn Singh loves to kick the soccer ball with her dad at Lodi's Century Park.

But, her neighborhood park could soon be closed for good.

"I think they shouldn't close the park down because we play at this park a lot and it's great and it's walking distance," Brooklyn said.

Last week, the Lodi Parks and Recreation Commission voted to eliminate Century and Borchardt parks.

The recommendation now goes to the Lodi City Council for a vote next Wednesday night.

"It's a math issue. Our funding has been cut by 11 percent in the last 10 years and accounting for inflation it's roughly a 30 percent reduction in our budget," said Lodi Parks Recreation and Cultural Services Director Jeff Hood. "We've expanded our park acreage by about 15 percent and our full time staffing is roughly half of what it was 10 years ago."

Hood also says the parks are not popular and not a lot of visitors.

Century Park has a playground in sand, plus a basketball court where weeds grow through the cracks of dilapidated concrete on 2 1/2 acres.

Borchardt Park is a one acre grass corner lot next to a school with no playground equipment.

Despite the city's assessment, not many people use Century Park, but ABC10 found otherwise.

Neighbors and park goers we spoke with were stunned by the recommendation to close the parks.

"I don't believe they should close this park down because the kids in this community use this park. And if they close it down, parks are miles away and it's going to be hard for kids to get to those parks," says Paul Singh, who has been going to Century Park for 31 years.