A Los Rios Police Officer pepper sprayed the crowd Friday night at the Sacramento Charter and Folsom high schools' football game after a fight broke out between attendees.

ABC10 News video shows both the altercation and the pepper spraying incident, which occurred during the second quarter of the football game at Sacramento City College's Hughes Stadium.

According to Los Rios spokesman Gabe Ross, none of the people in the crowd were taken to the hospital following the incident, and everyone turned down medical treatment. Ross said the district couldn't speak on whether or not the officer acted according to protocol because it is "in the process of reviewing the situation."

Each police department has its own protocol regarding the appropriate use of pepper spray. Protocol for the Los Rios Police Department was not readily available.

Sac High assistant principal Jim Scheible told ABC10 that there was no incident, and what happened in the crowd was not a "big deal."

Jake Mossawire, CEO of St. Hope Public Schools, later issued a statement, condemning the officer's actions.

We are incredIbly [sic] disappointed by the unnecessary and excessive use of force displayed by the officer involved in this incident. Dozens of unsuspecting SHPS students, parents, young children and staff who were there to watch our team's football game were affected, forcing some to seek medical treatment. We do not condone this type of behavior and we are asking that Los Rios conduct an immediate and full investigation into this officer's actions and mete out the appropriate consequences.

The game continued despite the disruption in the crowd.

A similar incident happened in Las Vegas Friday night after a game between Canyon Springs and Basic high schools ended in a mid-field fight between players.

In that incident, a Clark County School district officer was seen on video using pepper spray to break up the fight.