For the last four days, ABC10 has been in communication with the Los Rios Police Department, which provides law enforcement for Sacramento City College and St. Hope Public Schools -- the charter school system that runs Sacramento High School -- to follow up on video shot from the sidelines of the varsity football game between Folsom and Sacramento High Schools at Hughes Stadium.

We've learned today that the officer seen in the video releasing the pepper spray into the crowd to break up a fight in the stands is not on administrative leave and that the investigation is ongoing. It includes a review of first-person accounts of the incident.

ABC10 also received the "Control Devices and Techniques" portion of the Los Rios Community College PD Policy Manual from department spokesperson Gabe Ross, which says, "chemical agents are used to minimize the potential injury to officers, citizens, or offenders" and that it's "only to be used in situations where such force reasonably appears justified and necessary."

It adds that, "all personnel authorized to carry oleoresin capsicum (O.C.) spray must complete the required course of instruction prior to possessing and using it."

Ross tells ABC10 there is no specific timetable for the completion of their review but once they are finished, it's unlikely the department will share any specific findings since it is prohibited by law from disclosing law enforcement personnel information publicly.

The department has been in contact with St. Hope Public Schools to begin discussions about how Los Rios PD can work with them to ensure a safe environment at future events.

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