A man has been arrested after illegally entering a woman's home and faces charges of assault with the intent to commit a sex crime, residential burglary with intent to commit a felony and violation of probation, said the Placer County Sheriff's Property Crimes detectives.

Travis Kevie, 36, was taken into custody Thursday, Oct. 26, morning after detectives were looking for a suspect since Tuesday who entered a Newcastle home at night and touched a woman's leg while she was sleeping in bed.

The woman woke up screaming and the suspect fled out of the home. Due to the victim's description and the bike description found nearby, officials located and identified Kevie as the suspect. He lived in the area of the incident.

He cooperated with detectives and it appears he went in the home intending to have sex with a woman he said he knew but was at the wrong house.

Kevie has been booked at Placer County Jail and bail is set at approximately $1 million.