After Keaton Jones' story about being bullied went viral, a father in New Jersey says he felt compelled to help the Jones family.

Joseph Lam from Buena, New Jersey, said he created a GoFundMe page because Keaton's story touched his heart.

"I decided to do this GoFundMe to help with this child's future. I know that money may not be the answer for this problem that we are facing in our communities with bullying," Lam said on his original post.

His original goal of raising $5,000 quickly grew to more than $56,000.

On Monday evening, Lam paused the donations and comments that could be put on the page because of questions some on social media have raised about the boy's story and about his mother.

10News is continuing to report on this story, including seeking comment from Keaton's mother.

In the Monday update posted to the GoFundMe site, Lam said: "I'm hoping that we can turn the money into something good, whether it be for private school or college fund. I'm in touch with GFM (GoFundMe) on how to proceed at this point. Thank you every one that donated."

10News spoke with Lam briefly on the phone Tuesday. He said he is looking to start a $25,000 college fund for Keaton to help his family continue his education.

Lam posted an update Tuesday afternoon that calls for donor's opinions on where the money should go.

"I think we can use this for some good. But again it will be the decision of everyone," he said in a post.

In addition to the college fund for Keaton, Lam also suggested he is looking to donate to two other families who lost their children to suicide related to bullying.

He also suggested he may donate the remaining funds to an organization called Rachel's Challenge that "provides a sustainable, evidence-based framework for positive climate and culture" in schools across the country.

Lam ended his post by saying people who no longer want to be part of the donation can request a refund.

"For those that no longer want to be involved with this fund you can request a refund at the link below. Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you." Lam said.

The link for a refund can be found by clicking here.

10News has reached out to GoFundMe directly to learn more about the process in place for a fundraiser that has been paused.

10News will continue to update this developing story.