It's not every day you look outside and see the news come to you. Police made an arrest on ABC10's property Friday night.
"Yes he ran into the news lot...which helped us because he kind of cornered himself," said Sgt. Bell with the Sacramento Police Department. 
It was a routine traffic stop that took a bizarre turn outside ABC10.
"Before the officers could get much further both two subjects took off and ran on foot in opposite directions," said Sgt. Bell.
They caught the one who ran onto ABC10's property, a third person inside the car was apprehended and sat on the sidewalk in handcuffs right outside the station along Broadway and 5th street.
"The other one so far has escaped us however we are pretty sure we will catch him eventually," said Sgt. Bell. "And we did find a hand gun in the car so one will be charged with that...the other one potentially." 
The police gang unit searched the vehicle. Police believe the two were recently paroled.
"If you are a parolee don't come down here and commit crimes and have handguns," warned Sgt. Bell. "Because we'll try and catch you one way or the other."