If you're going out to eat, how do you decide where to go? Maybe you have a go-to spot or maybe you're looking to try something new and head to Yelp.

While reading reviews trying to find dinner, ABC10's Frances Wang found something she loves even more than food: a good story.

Like many eight-year-old kids, Breaden Lam asks a lot of questions. He also likes to play at dinner and oh! He doesn't like chives.

But what does this eight-year-old kid from Woodland have that others don't?

Status. On Yelp, that is.

Breaden and his grandfather Rich have had Elite status on Yelp for four years, meaning they're considered top business reviewers in Sacramento.

Rich adds that their shared account will have Gold status next year, meaning they were Elite five years in a row.

What's even more impressive, their account has over 21,389 photos and counting. The earliest reviews date back to 2011, which means Breaden was only two-years-old.

When shown one of his first Yelp photos, Breaden barely recognized himself. But he does get recognized by strangers out and about. "Oh hey that's the 'Yelp Kid!' is what he usually gets.