Dreamers that return to Mexico would be a gift and a loss to Americans. That was the feeling expressed by one of Mexico’s top diplomats Monday.

Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray visited California politicians Monday to talk about trade, environment and immigration. The Mexican government is working to learn more about Presidents Trump's decision to Terminate the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

"We strongly hope that the US congress will act promptly and provide certainty and a permanent solution to these young people," Videgaray said, who acknowledges immigration rules are up to the American people.

Around 1 in 4 DACA recipients live in California. They are often called "Dreamers" because many left Mexico to get a higher paying job or work towards higher education. Mexico has a long-standing relationship with California.

Videgaray says if "Dreamers" are deported, Mexico would welcome them back.

Mexico will welcome "Dreamers" back, but Videgaray also recognizes that DACA recipients want to be in America. That is why the Mexican consulates are expanding legal help to those who want to stay in the US.

"What is important here is what these young people want. These young people and we have talked to many of them across the country, want to stay in America," Videgaray said.

Mexico does not expect a mass deportation but they are preparing for DACA recipients to come back. Videgaray says Mexico will get students back to schools, provide them with health benefits and find them jobs.