Sacramento T-shirt designer Casey Rogers can't produce his newest "City of Trees" shirt fast enough.

The Midtown clothing shop Getta Clue Store recently displayed and sold Rogers work, which depicts a Sacramento water tower with the former "City of Trees" slogan on it.

The first order of a dozen shirts sold out, so did a second order of at least 50.

In early March, the City of Sacramento painted over the old "City of Trees" namesake on a water tower visible along I-5 and rebranded it with "America's Farm-To-Fork-Capital."

"It was kind of funny how everybody is upset about a little change on a water tower," Rogers said. "Myself, we're always gonna be [the] city of trees... nothing's changed just cause the water tower changed."

Casey has recently made sweatshirts with the same design and is working on a new batch of shirts. They cost $24 per shirt and $48 per sweatshirt.