If you think Al Sheppard.has a cold heart, guess what? He does.

“I’m not rich, most of us aren’t. If you could just come out here. If you got a cold bottle of water at your house just come out here and give it to somebody," said Sheppard.

Sheppard is a minister at a church in Acampo.

The retired grocery store manager heard from his daughter how some downtown Stockton businesses refused to give out water to homeless people who came inside.

In response to that he came out to the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless and gave away 15 cases of water on Thursday.

He then went through several cases of bottled water on Friday.

“One guy told me we don’t really need anything else but water, cold water," said Sheppard.

Many outside the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless live in tents on sidewalks in the 100 degree heat.

Folks like Cary Terry, homeless two years after losing a job in construction, are thankful for the much needed relief.

“Every time the water runs out over there fast. So if everybody else is passing out water it helps a lot," said Terry.

Doreen and Mitch survive along a nearby slough.

“Them coming around and giving us really cold water is a real blessing because it’s really hard to get water around here," said Doreen.

Delburt Beal says he’s been homeless for a year now and any help is welcome.

‘It’s a blessing man. You don’t know when God is going to come. God works in mysterious ways," said Beal.

“Almost every day. A lot of people come out. People pull up, open the back of their trunk or SUV and just start handing things out," said Linda Frontz with the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless.

Minister Al Sheppard is focusing on taking care of his new homeless flock one cold bottle of water at a time.