There are mixed views over a proposed rest area on the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail.

The rest area is called the Nest. There will be several benches, shade, a farm stand/community table, active play feature for kids, drinking fountain, and much more.

However, some parents are concerned over its proximity to Our Lady of Grace school.

Samantha DeAnda has three kids who go to the school.

"Our main concern is that the Nest will become a loitering spot for the local high schoolers, and also in this day and age, the possibility of anyone with ill intentions coming down and viewing our children anytime that they want," DeAnda said

Andrew Sturmfels is the one doing a lot of work to build the Nest with Assemble Sacramento.

He sees it as a bonus for people who live nearby or who use the trail.

However, he's trying to find a compromise with concerned parents and the school.

DeAnda said she thinks the project is an awesome idea but would like to see it build in a different location even 100 feet down the trail.