Modesto High Senior Matthew Soares has been forced to abandon his laptop for old school pen and paper in his advanced English class.

"It's been tough. A lot of kids have had issues with printing the assignments we have had to do, especially teachers, faculty have had a huge issue with getting attendance. They have had to do all of it on paper."

A virus hit computers early Monday evening, but forced the district as an "extreme precaution" to require screens to go dark and laptops on lock down.

15,000 lap tops were issued to high school students this past summer in an effort to embrace technology.

"All of our services and applications are down. And, so things like Power School which helps our parents stay on top of our students grades aren't accessible at the moment," said spokesperson Becky Fortuna.

While the majority of classrooms still rely on text books, in Jennifer Pereira's advanced English class, it's taught without them.

"Actually the kids don't mind. They adapt well," said Pereira.

The district is hoping to get the all clear sign to get computers up and running again by sometime Thursday.

Lauren Bridges says it has become even more stressful because of an important deadline for Cal State and UC schools.

“College apps are due so kids are struggling to get their transcripts and get college apps taken care of without their computers," says Bridges.

“Kind of gone old school a little bit ya know. A lot of face-to-face with the teachers of course using the intercom system you know. It’s a balance of getting information to teachers and student, but not interrupting the educational process," says Modesto High School principal Jason Manning.

The district’s IT department says there was some loss to staff and student data files that will need to be recreated. Other than that, it appears no significant damage.

Late word, as of just after 5 p.m., the district says "everyone is allowed to use their district device," according to district spokesperson Becky Fortuna.