No more lugging around backpacks that weigh half as much as the student carrying them around. Modesto area high schools are trading them all in for laptops.

"This is really exciting. The idea we are preparing students for what comes next. We call it future ready. Whether it be college, career, military," says Mike Rich, Director of Innovation for Modesto City Schools.

For the past three years, Grace Davis High School has been a test school for the idea of laptops only.

Now, the six other high schools will have laptops for all students.

The Hewlett Packard 360 laptops cost $450 each. It's costing the district $10.3 million total for the addition of 13,000 new lap tops.

In using Davis High School as a pilot program school for the computers, the district has worked out the bugs so to speak.

But still, students have lost laptops or they have broken or some families could not afford having WiFi in their home.

"Each school is going to have two on site computer techs that are going to help them right there when they need it," says Rich.

Rich says other school districts in the area, including Manteca and Ceres, have also switched to laptops.

The school year starts on August 14.