Glen Berteau, the Modesto pastor whose comments about the incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, have gone viral, said his remarks came to him in the "spur of the moment."

"All these families were standing here in the church and I happen to turn around and I'm looking at Hispanic families, I'm looking at mixed race families, I'm looking at black families," Berteau, the Senior Pastor at The House Modesto, told ABC10.

"So, I looked at that and then it hit me all of a sudden, I think God just dropped it in my head. This is what it should look like," he continued, "And that's when I just went off."

During a sermon Sunday morning, which has now been viewed on Facebook more than 1.5 million times, Berteau told his congregation that white supremacists who invoke Christianity are "stupid."

“For anybody to use the word of God, and saying you’re going to use the word of God to hate someone of a different color, you got to be the dumbest person that is on this earth to go ahead and say something like that,” Berteau said.

“There’s a bunch of stupid white people – I’m just telling you – that are stupid and telling people that God is into this,” he added. “God is not into this at all.”

When asked about his "stupid white people comment" by ABC10, Berteau explained that he was not referring to all white people, rather white nationalists.

"Could I have used a better word?...sure but it was a spur of the moment thing of me just sharing," he said.

"It's an honest look at the situation." he continued. "The white supremacists that are there and that are using the word of back up their display of hate...that's what I take offense with and that's somebody who is very ignorant concerning the word of God."