Ike the canine, a Belgian Malinois, was partner in fighting crime, but meant more than that to Modesto Police Sgt. Mike Pershall.

"We as a community, the family itself, we have suffered a big loss with the loss of Mike Pershall," said Modesto Police spokesperson Heather Graves.

Pershall lost his life in August after he was riding a bicycle off-duty near his home and was hit by a suspected drunk driver.

It's not unusual for K-9's when they retire to be purchased from the department by their handler. But this case is different with Ike being 3 years old and still has several years of service left.

The canine belongs to the Modesto Police Department, but because the dog has become so much a part of the Pershall family, the police department is proposing to sell the dog to the family for $1.

"With the loss and with the bond that was created, not only with the family, but with Mike, we felt that it's unfair to take the dog from the home," said Graves.

The Modesto City Council held a meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday to consider the sale of the dog to the family, and they approved the sale of K-9 Ike to the Pershall's family.