About six in 10 adults with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia will wander, and half of those on the autism specturm will run away, according to statistics provided by the Modesto Police Department.

Due to these alarming statistics, the Modesto PD has partnered with the MediAlert Foundation to provide free services designed to protect people in danger of “wandering emergencies,” like those that regularly prompt the calling of Silver Alerts, according to a department news release.

The program involves specialized services for Alzheimer’s, developmental disorders and autism, which will be offered free along with a MedicAlert identification bracelet.

The MedicAlert Foundation reports a 98 percent success rate for finding missing persons when their products and services are in use.

Family and caregivers of people with conditions putting them at risk of wandering are encouraged to enroll their loved ones in the program May 25 between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Modesto Police Building, 600 10th Street in Modesto.