The historic stormy weather is having a nasty side effect in the city of Modesto.

The city announced today that beginning at noon treated wastewater that has not been disinfected will be released into the San Joaquin River.

The city says it is the result of Tuolumne River flooding that has inundated the sewer system.

Officials say the action is needed to protect pond levees and treatment process infrastructure at the city's Jennings Road wastewater treatment plant.

In a news release, the city says the discharge will continue "for as long as necessary" to prevent pond failure, and that completion "could take weeks."

The news release goes onto say "because of extremely high flows in the San Joaquin River, the potential hazard is lessened. The wastewater is greatly diluted."

A week ago, a city of Modesto sewer trunk line broke next to the Tuolumne River.

Officials blamed the break on excessive amounts of water from the release of water from the Lake Don Pedro spillway into the Tuolumne.

In turn, the city's sewer system could not handle the inflow.

A temporary fix to the underwater pipe was performed.

City officials at the time said no sewer water escaped into the river.