Toni Conway is inviting the public to her home to showcase her nativity collection.

She has more than 800 nativity scenes throughout her home.

"It actually started when we were married," Conway said. "I had made a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ in October of '61. November '61 we were married and December '61 was our first Christmas and I wanted a nativity set."

The first one turned into more than 800. She displays them every two years.

"We have them in every room of the house including the bathrooms we have a cute one of rubber duckies in water," Conway said.

One of the newest ones in her collection is the millennial hipsters set she got from Amazon.

"We have three wisemen on Amazon boxes, and we have the sheep in his ugly Christmas sweater," Conway said.

Conway said she started opening up her house in 1996 because of her mother.

"My mother used to encourage me to do an open house because she said they're beautiful you should show them and I said no I'm too busy and in '6 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer she was well enough on Christmas we did an open house and she was my hostess," Conway said.

Her house is open this weekend at 3242 S Carpenter Road.