UPDATE, 1:54 PM: UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks announced Thursday Ann Coulter is rescheduled to speak at a different university venue on May 2nd. The exact location of the venue will be revealed once details are finalized, according to the chancellor's statement.

Conservative writer and avid President Donald Trump supporter, Ann Coulter, will be visiting Modesto.

She is scheduled to appear as a guest speaker on Apr. 28 at the Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser hosted by the Republican Party of Stanislaus County.

Tickets range from $125 to $10,000 and the event is sold out, according to Janice Keating, the executive director of the Republican group.

The host party is expecting 550 to 600 people and has been preparing for the event since February, securing the polarizing guest speaker for $25,000.

Although Coulter is promoting her new book, "In Trump We Trust," Keating said there are "no restrictions" on her topics of discussion. However, she speculates Coulter will stick to current events. 

Coulter was set to speak at the University of California, Berkeley on Apr. 27. Coulter was invited to speak by the campus Republicans but on Tuesday, the group received a letter from campus officials canceling the event for security concerns.

Coulter sent off several angry tweets, vowing to show up to give her speech anyway.

The cancelation comes only a few days after violent protests erupted in Berkeley during a rally supporting President Trump and a couple months after conservative activist and former Breitbart News editor, Milo Yiannopoulos' UC Berkeley speech was also canceled.

The Republican Party of Stanislaus County are expecting for the worst but hoping for the best during the upcoming dinner.

"I would just hope anyone with a different opinion would be respectfully peaceful," said Keating.

However, the host Republican organization is still taking safety measures.

The group has been in contact with local law enforcement about the event and is also hiring private security.

Keating stressed dinner guests "don't want to cause harm" and said she's "confident" in the safety precautions being taken to protect guests and the guest speaker.

Protestors are expected to show up to the event, with several groups already calling for a gathering online, but Keating said canceling the dinner is not an option

"There's room for everyone's opinions everywhere," said Keating.

The annual Lincoln Day Dinner starts at starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Modesto Centre Plaza.