Among the class pictures at Stockton’s Bear Creek High School are some unlikely grads.

Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ... 30 celebs in all.

“My name is Aaron Lucas and I’m next to George Lucas, so actually it was pretty dope," said one student Aaron Lucas.

Junior Hannah Hightman wanted a way to get her school cash to offset the production cost of a yearbook.

When her school in Modesto passed, she offered the idea to where her mom teaches at Bear Creek.

“Yearbooks are a really a great place to advertise, especially in the portrait section. Kids are already looking there anyway so if they see something out of place that’s going to stick in their head and they’ll probably remember that," Hightman said.

Getting permission to use the celebrity photos in the yearbook took months of legwork and phone calls.

Turns out, one guy actually has the rights to a library of celebrity yearbook photos.

Hannah got his permission, then contacted ad agencies.

She hit the jackpot when Kentucky Fried Chicken agreed to include the Colonel and pay for his picture, complete with a pose in the yearbook wearing a Bear Creek lapel pin.

The amount, Hannah won’t say.

“Well we kept it a secret so only my three main editors and myself knew about it. Once the book was delivered on Monday to the rest of the staff, they said 'why do we have all these pictures in here?'" said yearbook advisor Joyce Dedini. "So we told them about it and they said 'Oh my gosh, that’s awesome, we love it.'"

“Plenty of my friends and just people who have opened up to that section their first thought was like ‘Oh my god, what," said yearbook editor Nisreen Sharideh.

“As I like explained to one of my friends, his name is Nico, He is like, why is Chris Rock in the book. I said did you look at the theme? He goes no, what’s the theme, it’s out of the blue, it’s random. He goes oh that’s cool," said Nick Crawford, also a yearbook editor.

Bear Creek grads will have something different to remember: graduating with a group of celebrities.

Well, sort of.