Firefighters discovered four bodies inside a mobile home after putting out a fire in Modesto Tuesday night.

The Ceres and Westport Fire Departments were responding to a structure fire on Avenue D, south of the Stanislaus Golf Course, at 11 p.m. when the bodies of two men and two women were discovered.

Robert Arredondo, a neighbor, took video of the flames Tuesday night.

"I got up from the couch and walked outside and just seen the neighbor's house burst into flames."

He said two grandparents and two grandchildren lived inside the home.

"It's sad cause they take care of the grandkids you see them in the morning walking the kids to the gate to go to school and the kids walking back from school he was at the gate waiting for them," Arredondo said.

Another neighbor, Tony Martin, woke up when the fire broke out.

"I heard a big bang like a bomb going off," Martin said. "I told my wife it sounded like a cannon."

Detectives and fire investigators with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office also came to the scene and continued an investigation through the night and into Wednesday morning. Names and ages of the victims will be released after an autopsy is performed Monday, at which point the victims' causes of death will also be known.

The sheriff's department said detectives will conduct the death investigation and a fire investigator will try to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

No additional details have been released.