Two people have been arrested after purposely striking a Stanislaus Sheriff's vehicle with a stolen car.

Deputies observed a stolen 1996 Honda Accord traveling near Yosemite Blvd and Church Street on December 28. Not long after a second stolen 1996 Honda Accord began following the first stolen vehicle. Both cars were reported stolen from Modesto.

Deputies followed the vehicles, observing that when the first one ran out of gas, the suspects hopped into the second stolen Accord, later driving to a nearby house.

When StanCATT tried to takedown the vehicle, the driver, 24-year-old Harold Fannon put the Accord in reverse and slammed into the StanCatt vehicle.

Fannon and 20-year-old Dakota McBride were both arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center. They are both charged with vehicle theft.

Fannon was on probation for a previous vehicle theft and had a warrant for a third charge of vehicle theft.