Several Northern California cities made it on a financial websites list of most fun cities in America.'s new study titled "2016's Most Fun Cities in America" compared the nation's 150 most populated cities with a 51 different metrics in three categories to make the rankings.

The categories include entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties and cost. Categories examined metrics like the number of types of business, the number of types of events and how much things cost.

It might not come as a surprise that cities Sacramento (#24) and San Francisco (#15) ranked high. However, the cities of Modesto (#68) and Stockton (#95) made the national list.

Click here for a listing of California cities that made the list.

The city of "Water, Wealth, Contentment, and Health," can now add fun to it's motto.

Community leaders like Matthew Buckman, the General Director for the Townsend Opera, says there are a lot of things happening in the city.

“Community leadership is very well aware of sort of the reputation that communities like Modesto has and so you need to really do everything you can to make this community as accessible as possible," Buckman said.

Some Modesto residents like David Birch say it doesn't deserve to be on the list.

“I’m not hating on my hometown or anything but you know as far as I’m concerned it’s not that fun of a town," Birch said.

Rachel Bonzi is a local bartender and life-time resident of Modesto.

“It makes me really happy because Modesto has had a bad name for just some crazy things like Laci Peterson," Bonzi said. “Well there’s a lot of stuff that goes on here, like a lot of events that a lot of towns don’t have.”

Modesto scored highest on affordability -- That judged things like restaurant prices, beer and wine. The city came in at #5 in the nation for cheap movie tickets.