A lawsuit filed against Modesto City Schools District states officials in 2015 punished two students differently because of race, and that led one to take her own life.

Latisha Cyprian filed the suit on Feb. 22 on behalf of her daughter Doneshia Neil, who committed suicide after being suspended and eventually expelled for getting into a fight with another girl in 2015.

Doneisha was black, the other girl is white and, according to the court document, the other girl was not suspended.

ABC10 reached out to Modesto City Schools District about the case. In a statement, the district said their heart goes out to the student's loved ones but they cannot comment on potential litigation. The district maintains they have a system in place and they must follow their code of conduct.

Cyprian writes in the document that Doneisha could "suffer the humiliation, pain, and emotional distress from the suspension no more." Doneisha later overdosed on pills.

Her mother says Doneisha was an honor roll student, and she had dreams of going to college.