A mother and her two young children were found murdered inside their home in Modesto on Saturday, according to police.

Officers with the Modesto Police Department were called to look into an assault at the family’s home in the 1600 block of Bay Meadows Drive just after 7 p.m.

When officers arrived, they found a 30-year-old woman and her two sons, ages nine and four, dead inside the home. Police later found a 28-year-old man in the front yard with what appeared to be self-inflicted injuries.

Neighbors and the victim’s family say the 28-year-old was the woman’s husband and father to her youngest child. He is currently recovering in a hospital.

When asked if the father is being considered a suspect, a department spokesperson replied, “We are following all leads.”

The department has yet to make an arrest.

“Detectives are in the beginning stages of an extensive investigation,” a Modesto Police Department press release wrote. “The events that transpired before the murders, as well as the cause of deaths, remain under investigation and will not be released at this time.”

The brother-in-law of the deceased mother, Matthew Page, said his family is struggling to cope with their sudden killings.

“Everybody is very confused and everybody is trying to really figure out how to process... what's happened here,” Page said.

Some neighbors and family members said there were no signs that could have predicted whatever may have happened.