Mokelumne Hill is a small gold rush town in Calaveras County, the population is about 750 people and is a law abiding community, but the Mayor in town is... sort of a "Bad Boy".

He's been caught stealing, taking bribes and breaking into homes. Despite his bad behavior, the small town continues to re-elect him.

Why you ask? The Mayor's name is Boomer and he is a 12-year-old white lab.

Denise Cloward is his campaign manager and Boomers mother and she admits he has a crime ridden past.

"Some classic stories are of his gas station theft and the steeling of all the hot dogs for history day," said Cloward.

Before Boomers political career, the dog was an escape artist. Cloward says rope, fences and even an electrical collar couldn't keep Boomer from escaping her yard getting in trouble in town.

"He has been a bad dog a lot of the time but, everyone loves him and cares for him," she said.

Boomer has escaped so many times that people just got used to him being around. His mischief comical. Even local convenience store owner Surrinder Dosanjh still laughs about the time Boomer ate a box of dough nuts.

"We still let him in to the store. His owner came and paid for the dough nuts even though we thought it was funny," said Dosanjh.

Political bi-partisanship is important in Mokelumne Hill. Since Boomer gets along with everyone the town elected him as mayor. The 12-year-old pup has had a good run but old age and a large tumor on his shoulder is slowing him down.

"I was told by our vet another invasive surgery would not be a good idea because he is so old but, he may be able to run in 2020," said Cloward.

A black and white picture of Boomer sits above the bar in the Ledger Hotel. Its a reminder that politics should not tear a community apart and the only good political favor is a long belly rub.