Jennifer Leclerc works as a nanny and lives in a small home in Sacramento’s Tahoe Park neighborhood with her three children – A big change for the family that spent months living out of van.

Leclerc, 30, was living with her parents in Galt before she became homeless. Her relationship with her family deteriorated and she no longer felt safe, so she left with her then husband and three young children.

"We assumed that we would be homeless for a couple weeks and that assumption was wrong,” Leclerc said. “Things worked against us in every way possible.”

Leclerc worked as a substitute teacher making about $2,000 a month during it all, she said. However, she said they were never able to save enough to get into stable housing.

The family lived in their 1980’s Chevrolet 2.0 Van for eight months until they were approached by a woman with a local church who offered help. That woman helped connect the family with an Elk Grove non-profit called the Homeless Assistance Resource Team or HART.

The family moved into the transitional home where they had two bedrooms and shared a common room with another family that was also once homeless.

"We were very thankful to be there,” Leclerc said.

Leclerc said the experience was difficult but her children and a positive attitude helped her through it all.