For former renter, Jackie Bryant, it's an emotional day.

"It's sad because we are all like a family. Oh my God I'm going to cry," said Bryant.

Bryant is one of 68 tenants forced to move out today from their 624 10th street building condemned for nasty conditions such as cock roaches, rats and water leaking from ceilings to name a few.

The city and Stanislaus County, working with non-profit community groups as well, have been helping to find new homes for the former renters.

"We have found for the 68 tenants that were inside in the 27 units, some sort of housing, either permanent or temporary," said Heather Graves, spokesperson for the city of Modesto.

For those getting temporary housing, that means two weeks paid for in a hotel room. The city is also paying for one month free storage for the former renters to store their belongings.

There was a heavy police presence at the building as tenants piled up what they owned outside to move.

City workers were also using a saw to cut plywood to board up windows.

Former tenant Jeremy Buckelew, who says he has caught 80 rats in the last 3 months in his apartment, is very appreciative of what the city, county and local non-profits are doing for him.

"The city worked really good together I think. In my opinion, they did their parts really well," said Buckelew.