Several motorcyclists who attacked a Lyft driver back in March have been arrested.

According to a Facebook post by CHP - San Francisco, three men — Derwayne A. Johnson, 33; Gabriel Rodriguez, 25; and Jarrell E. Williams Jr., 19 — were charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit a crime, assault, battery, vandalism, possession of stolen property, and possession of a controlled substance.

Earlier this year, an Uber and Lyft driver was beaten by up to 15 motorcycle riders on Hwy. 101 San Francisco. In an AP story from earlier this year, Alex Quintana 32, of Modesto, says he was heading to pick up a passenger when he tried to inch around the dirt bikers, who were blocking traffic. That's when they smashed his mirrors and a window. When he got out to confront them, Quintana says he was beaten and kicked.

The post goes on to say the suspects were identified after an extensive investigation where officers, "reviewed the videos of this incident taken by passing motorists, obtained positive identifications from CHP and San Francisco Police Department officers who previously had contact with these individuals, and followed up on information provided from the public."

While making the arrests, officers also found several firearms, a stolen dirt bike, money, and a small amount of drugs.