Sacramento area students were given the opportunity to learn about the music industry at one of Sacramento’s largest music events Sunday.

The heavy metal and rock music festival, Aftershock, features 35 bands. The two-day festival sold nearly 50,000 tickets this year.

Nacio Greisen, 14, of Pleasant Grove High School, took part in the student version of the Music Experience, a traveling interactive music environment that allows folks to immerse themselves in music.

"Music for me, it makes it so then I can express myself without having to say words,” Greisen said, a bass player and drummer. “Like, I can express kind of who I am and what the feeling of music is to me."

Greisen and several of his peers from the Graham School of Music were invited on a backstage tour where they learned about the music industry from experts in security, traffic, booking, and media.

Squiggy Di Giacomo, who helped organize the music experience, says it’s a way to get people young and old to get interested and talking about music.