An Arizona man recently suffered a rare insect bite as he was taking out the trash that you have to see to believe.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for the man, Thomas Jay, the incident occurred in Chandler, Arizona, when he was taking out the garbage and a bug of some kind either bit or stung his arm.

“As I glanced at it really quick, all of a sudden I just felt this excruciating pinch, this pressure, this bite or a sting that happened and occurred," Jay said, according to the page. "And [I] immediately went and swatted the bug off."

The situation became an emergency shortly after when Jay was in urgent care at two hospitals in the duration of just 24 hours.

"We are stilling praying there are no long-term affects but there are still issues with the arm and more medical tests and doctors to see," the page read.

The family says they have been overwhelmed with support as Thomas goes through this rare ordeal.