As the Napa County police and fire dispatcher, Susan Mizmang has heard a lot from calls of shots fired to people taking their last breath.

But Sunday night, the calls coming in were different.

"Chaos," Mizmang said, standing in her driveway in Napa County, trees smoldering behind her. "Total chaos. I mean, you're taking all these calls for people that are trapped. We can't get fire rigs to them. We couldn't get police units to them. We couldn't get help to where they were at. It's just a very helpless feeling."

Then Mizmang noticed the addresses the calls were coming from were getting closer and closer to her own house.

"I'm sitting there, and I'm listening, and I said, 'It's heading toward our house,'" she said.

Mizmang quickly called her husband and told him to start packing up. They'd have to evacuate.

Later, Cal Fire crews flew in and sprayed flame retardant around homes in the area, including hers. Had the chemicals not been sprayed, she would’ve lost the house.

"I'm very thankful for everything," Mizmang said.