Smoke is still thick in Napa’s wine county and the threat of fire is not over as Napa Valley Vinters Association reports at least five wineries suffered total loss and 11 others reported some damage.

A particularly vulnerable area is along Silverado Trail Road. Singorello Estate lost its tasting room to the Atlas Fire.

A number of homes along Silverado Trail were also lost to the fire. In the Silverado Resort area, raining embers started house fires at random and hundreds of home owners evacuated on Sunday night.

Many roads have been closed, but police are escorting some people to safe areas to retrieve items from their home.

Laura Ringenberger and her neighbors lost their homes on Soda Canyon Road. Wednesday was the first time Ringenberger was able to look for the families missing cat.

“We found her!” Ringenberger said. “I don’t know what we are going to do about the house. It’s a loss, we got the kitty!”

It’s unclear how long roads will be close along Silverado Trails. Escorts to homes will only take place if there is enough law enforcement staffing.