With all of the global tragedies that have occurred in the past year, people around the world have focused on sending assistance as best they can -- one of those main methods is in the form of giving money.

Tragedies like the California wildfires, hurricanes that hit Texas and Puerto Rico, the mas shooting in Las Vegas and also the earthquake which caused massive destruction in Mexico have all allowed people to come together to donate.

ABC10 looked into if any local charities were experiencing fatigue due to these relief efforts, and we found that they're still flourishing too.

A week ago, the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton had around 30 turkeys reported donate, but the total has since increased to over 1,800. This time last year the food bank received $5,150 in donations and so far during their 2017 June through November fiscal season they have accumulated $11,300, according to Kathy Croci, office manager of the food bank.

My Sister's House is an agency in Sacramento that helps Asian, Pacific Islander and other women and children impacted from domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other things of that nature by providing a safe haven.

Nilda Valmores, Executive Director at My Sister's House, said fatigue is always on their radar and continue to worry about.

"Thankfully my answer is no right now," said Valmores. "But it's definitely something I worry about all of the time."

Again, Valmores is not ready to say they experienced it yet, but she says they don't just receive donations online. People donate online, in person, at My Sister's Cafe, checks sent through the mail and some people even donate their time and skills.

The Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services shared a similar sentiment.

Kelly Siefkin, Vice President of communications and marketing at the food bank, said they haven't noticed a decline while the organization held its 10th Annual Turkey Drive on Thursday between 4:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

"We have not noticed yet, but it's something we're aware of," said Siefkin. "It's just as strong as its been in years passed, we're very very fortunate."

She says Sacramento communities continue to come out and support families and it looks like, thus far, none of these charities are seeing a decline.