The week after Thanksgiving, Heron Elementary School went into lockdown because of police activity in the area.

All students and staff were safe, but another staple of the area was a little shaken. The woman who runs the Star Ice Cream van was robbed at gunpoint.

Molly Ibietatorremendia lives in the neighborhood. All of her kids went to that elementary school and they all grew up knowing the ice cream lady.

While Ibietatorremendia is going through hard times herself after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier in the year, it's the ice cream lady she has on her mind. She doesn't even know her name, but that doesn't matter.

Ibietatorremendia said the woman often stops by to check on her, sharing tips and herbs for health.

"She says she's always praying for me at her temple and has her friends praying too," Ibietatorremendia said. "I've never seen her get emotional, but she got really emotional. So I started a GoFundMe. I figured the Natomas community, we pride ourselves in taking care of each other.

In just a few days, the GoFundMe has already raised two-thirds of its goal. Ibietatorremendia hopes to have the rest by Christmastime.