About 200 animals are taking shelter at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, including horses, goats, dogs and even llamas.

Fire crews have been on the move since Monday and a number of fires are popping up in rural areas.

Animals are showing up to the fairground by the truck load. Pat Ehler with The Nevada County Veterinary Disaster Response Team is working hard to find place for all the livestock.

“We were doing really good. Now we are starting to fill back up again. We got more animals from a shelter that was evacuated down the road," said Ehler.

Pet and livestock food is available as the fairground will be open 24 hours a day.

Right now, the response team has an abundance of volunteers but help and other donations is always welcome. If you need more information about animal evacuations contact the Nevada County Veterinary Disaster Response Team at (530) 913-6506.