The upcoming Cage the Elephant Concert at Crest Theatre will not allow any cellphones, smartwatches, cameras, or recording devices.

According to the event page, once concert-goers arrive all their devices will be put in Yondr pouches. People will still have their devices and can access them in the lobby at Yondr unlocking stations.

Those who are caught using their devices will be kicked out.

"When you enter the space you show your ticket, your phone is placed in Yondr case the case locks and once your phone is in there it's handed right back to you you never lose possession," said Graham Dugoni, CEO Yondr.

Yondr said this is the first time doing an event in Sacramento. There are schools in Northern California who use them too.

"If you're waiting for a call that's no problem you can keep your phone on vibrate so you'll feel it in your pocket or in your purse," Dugoni said. "You can step outside to the lobby and they'll unlock your phone there."

Crest Theatre manager, Yulya Borroum, said it does have a security plan in place, which doesn't rely on the audience's cell phones for any of the shows. Borroum also said the promoter of the event is using Yondr. Crest did not dictate that.