Dave Eddy never knew walking his dog one day in Modesto would save his life.

But on Saturday, March 11th, it did.

“Without any warning whatsoever, I dropped," said Eddy.

It happened on Sylvan Avenue in Modesto. Eddy collapsed onto a grassy berm and that’s when the other Dave came to the rescue.

Dave Konecny, a San Joaquin County Sheriffs Deputy, who was off duty, was driving by with his wife on the way to a store.

“I could see Mr. Eddy collapsed. His face was purple, literally purple," said Konecny.

Konecny checked Eddy's airway and found it clear. But, he found no pulse and began performing CPR.

“Amazing thing about it, as purple as he was, as I was doing the CPR, you could start to see the color come back into his face," says Konecny.

“And they eventually put him on the stretcher and I, um, sorry, I’m going to cry," said an emotional Nan Eddy, Dave Eddy's wife.

Nan Eddy was home at the time.

She found out about her husband collapsing only when the family’s dog Vivienne raced three-quarters of a mile back home, torn and bloodied paws and all.

“And I thought wait a minute, she’s supposed to be with Dave. And I opened up the front door and there was Vivienne standing with her leash still attached," said Nan Eddy.

A couple followed Vivienne home and gave Nan the horrible news.

But 10 minutes of CPR, from who the couple now calls “Angel Dave,” saved another Dave’s life.

“So without CPR, this would have been a life ending event. So this was absolutely, truly life saving," said Bruce Laverty, Chief Medical Executive, Sutter Memorial Hospital Modesto.

For his heroic efforts, Dave Konecny was recognized with the American Heart Association’s Heart Saver Hero Award at Sutter Memorial Medical Center Modesto.

“Anyone in the same position would have done the same thing," said Konecny.

“I can’t put it into words. I owe him my life absolutely and completely," said Dave Eddy.

The 57-year-old agricultural magazine editor had suffered a major heart attack. An artery found blocked was cleared.

He’s made a complete recovery thanks to a drive-by Dave who knew CPR.