Those driving along Highway 99 near this summer may have noticed a large machine set up on the side of the road near the Lodi Parachute Center.

Well, we noticed it too and went to check it out.

It turns out it’s a portable skydiving simulator. The only one of its kind in the United States.

The owners are Michelle Hart and Ronnie Shuman, avid skydivers who met skydiving in Lodi and decided to launch their business – Superfly Skydiving Simulator – just more than two months ago.

“It is essentially a portable indoor sky diving machine so we can take it on the road with us,” Shuman explained. “We hook it up the a truck and we can take it to different events, and once we get there we are the life of the party.”

Hart added that they decided to buy the portable wind tunnel after discovering it during an intensive Google search.

While permanent sky diving simulators are in many cities, there are only three portable ones in the entire world.

“There is one in Taiwan, one in Guam, and there is one right here in Lodi,” Shuman said.

The one in Lodi, they pointed out, has a glamorous past. It was used in the George Clooney movie “Tomorrowland” to shoot a flying scene.

Hart and Shuman plan to stay in Lodi – where they take appointments and travel to nearby events in the area – through the end of the summer. Come Fall, they say, they plan to hit the road and pop-up somewhere knew.

Where? Well, that’s still TBD.